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Saturday's program is all about the theme "Great history, better future. Leading by investing". Details will be revealed on this page from June onwards. Stay tuned! 

PRogram overview saTurday

Saturday Oct. 7 (subject to change):

  • 8:00 - 9:00: Breakfast, tradeshow
  • 9:00 - 9:30: Opening keynote, GA's Staines Foundation & JCI Belgium Foundation
  • 9:30 - 12:45: General Assemblies, tradeshow, trainings, excursions
  • 12:00 - 14:00: Lunch & Senators' lunch, tradeshow
  • 13:00 - 17:00: Tradeshow, keynotes, trainings, excursions

Afterwards, there will be time for gala attendees to change.

Below you can find an overview of all activities. Program selection for participants will be opened 27 September and will receive instructions by e-mail.

Click the image to download
Click the image to download

TRADESHOW & catering

The tradeshow will take place in the same room where breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks will occur. The ideal place for an informal chat and to discover what the exhibitors have to offer.

  • NCN / JCI Belgium stand: Tradeshow stand number 1 is manned by the organisation in the morning, JCI Belgium joins in the afternoon. Then you can buy for instance extra JCI pins.
  • Catering: For breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks everything will be provided in buffet style at the same location, with one exception: the Senators' lunch. For members who have been awarded a JCI Senator title, we traditionally provide a separate more gourmet lunch between 12:00 and 13:45 at Cercle Royal Gaulois, costing 80 euros or only 60 euros as a supplement to a Saturday or Full ticket.
  • The tradeshow will be further complemented by partners (Beersecret, Ostbelgien,...) and promo stands for JCI projects.


Source: Vlaams Parlement
Source: Vlaams Parlement
Source: Cercle Royal Gaulois
Source: Cercle Royal Gaulois


  • Investing / Leading:
    • Wegwijs / Connaissance du mouvement (EN): This short training on Saturday morining is aimed at candidate members, moreover, it is a requirement for JCI membership. During the training, the possibilities that JCI has to offer are explained in 3 modules: 'getting to know people', 'business & networking' en 'personal development'.
    • Instant Geluk & Succes, ook voor jou! (NL): Word meester van je emoties. Vorming door Benedict Bailleul van School voor Leiderschap.
    • Market research fundamentals for JCI projects (FR): Catherine Thise montre la voie vers un meilleur rendement de vos projets JCI en commençant par les bonnes bases de votre marché.
    • Ik zie wat jij niet ziet (NL): Happy Fuel nodigt je uit tijdens de workshop op het avontuur dat zelfontdekking heet. Wakker je innerlijk vuur aan en voel de drive die vreugde en een doel je geven.
    • Mastering Goals (FR): Un programme de formation par Carine Vanhaekendover, conçu pour aider les individus à définir, poursuivre et atteindre efficacement leurs objectifs.
    • Investing for the future (EN): How financial planning can help by Jan Mechels.
    • The benefits of investing in real estate in Belgium (EN): Raven De Nolf explains the interesting real estate market in Belgium, with an overview of the residential market, tips & trics, risks & returns,...
    • 10 caractéristiques de leaders et comment celles-ci s'expriment chez les membres JCI (FR): Formation par Laurence Schuurman, IPP de JCI Belgium.
    • 10 investment lessons from EC Bruges (EN): How to develop an international/national conference or major project, by EC Bruges conference director Jonas Maes.
  • Better future:
    • Coaching in the future of work (EN): Curious to embrace and reinforce your coaching skills? Join the interactieve training by Isabelle Patteeuw from Training & Coaching Square.



  • Opening keynote:
    • Piet Colruyt (EN): Impact investor & Founder of Impact House
  • Better future:
    • Frank Missoul & Dajo Hermans (EN): The entrepreneurial story of Forest Fwd.
    • Kurt Devooght (NL): Econoom en priester; Duurzaam verantwoord investeren
    • Ondernemers voor ondernemers (EN): The experience of an OVO volunteer
    • Anneleen De Pau (NL): De kracht van duurzame bedrijven
  • Investing / Leading:
    • Brecht Van Crean (EN): CEO Digital Currency Academy; An introduction to digital currencies
    • Johan Van den Driessche (NL): 10 tips om te investeren in jezelf en de leider van morgen te worden.
    • Gilles De Backer (EN): Creating added value in teambuilding
    • Zalman Roy (EN): Communicate better: learn to have emotional conversations in an effective way


Bron: Vlaams Parlement
Bron: Vlaams Parlement


  • Great history:
    • Art nouveau wandeling (NL / FR): Wist je dat de "Jonge Ekonomische Kamer Brussel" in 1982 een project had rond de Art Nouveau architectuur in Brussel? Dit maakte deel uit van de herwaardering van deze stijl die stilaan op gang gekomen was 50 jaar geleden. En dat is sindsdien niet gestopt, zoals Art Nouveau Brussels 2023 bewijst. We bieden de deelnemers de kans om dit stukje historie van de stad én JCI Brussel te herontdekken.
    • Promenade Bruxelles (NL / FR): Découvrez le centre de Bruxelles lors de cette promenade guidée.
    • Guided visit in the House of the European history (NL / EN): Guided visit to the permanent exhibition that explores how history has shaped a sense of European memory and continues to influence our lives today and in the future. As in our own lives, some things we want to remember, some things we like to forget. And of course, the same event can be interpreted from different perspectives.
  • Great history / Better future:
    • Discover Brussels beer & brewery - Guided tour (EN) by BeerSecret: this tour is an extraordinary way to expore our local, non-typical Belgian brews and flavors! During the tour, we'll serve you new beers. This way you will discover your new favourite beer. Just beer? No, that's the beauty of this tour! Your host, Liselot, will feed you all the beer stories! So prepare for some historical storytelling and an unforgettable experience. Nb: a small additional contribution is requested for participation in this part of the program.
  •  Great history / Leading:
    • Palace of the Nation - Belgian Senate (NL & FR): Het Federaal Parlement huist in het historische Paleis der Natie. Bij een bezoek leer je meer over de werking van de Belgische democratie, de rol van de Senaat en de Kamer van volksvertegenwoordigers en de institutionele organisatie van onze Staat. Je ontdekt het prachtige gebouw, zijn kunstwerken en zijn bewogen geschiedenis. Je loopt door de zalen waar senatoren en kamerleden debatteren en stemmen over de Grondwet en andere wetten.
    • Visit to the Koepelzaal (NL / FR / EN): The guide takes the group to the Koepelzaal (glass dome hall) of the Vlaams Parlement. Along the way he shows some works of art and briefly explains the history of the buildings. In the Koepelzaal everyone can imagine themselves as a member of parliament and take a seat in the chair of a member of parliament. The guide uses the hall to explain the workings of the parliament in a very visual and interactive way.
    • Bezoekerscentrum Vlaams Parlement (NL / FR / EN / DE): A gap in your schedule? Apart from a visit to the tradeshow, the visitor center of Vlaams Parlement is also open all day for your individual visit, pass by and have a look at any time. Audioguides are available in 4 languages.


Practical information

The main location for the convention on Saturday is the Flemish Parliament:

Entrance: Bezoekerscentrum, IJzerenkruisstraat 99, 1000 Brussels

Exit (after 17:00): Leuvenseweg 86, 1000 Brussels

There will be an extensive security check upon entry, so don't bring anything you wouldn't bring on an airplane and be on time, so everyone can get through the check in time. Tickets are strictly personal, bring your ID card.

Some excursions will take place in other locations in Brussels, details will be given at the time of program selection.

More information on accessibility can be found on the Flemish Parliament website.


Dresscode: JCI outfit / Business casual / City attire


The GAs of Staines Foundation, JCI Belgium Foundation and JCI Senate Belgium will take place at Cercle Royal Gaulois, as well as the Senators' lunch. Address: Rue de la Loi 5, 1000 Brussels. Those who only have a ticket for this part can therefore go directly there. The same goes for those who like to save time in the morning by only picking up the badge at the Flemish Parliament after noon (and skipping breakfast). For practical information on accessibility, see the page about the gala, which will take place at the same location.


Dresscode: City attire



Additional practical info can be found on the page Lodging and parking.